Saturday, 31 January 2009

Western Counties Squad dates

Squad dates are :
Sun 22nd February Females
Sun 8th March postponed Males
Sun 5th April Females
Sun 19th April Males

Commencing at 10am at Broadplain Bristol.
Any quieries please contact Les Brooking or Steve Gawron, for Male squads and Michelle Garland for female enquiries Thank you

Friday, 30 January 2009

Sarah Simpson running for Kidscape in London Marathon

Sarah Simpson from Barnstaple ABC would like to plea for some sponsorship support for her first marathon!
Hi all,
I am running the London Marathon in April for the charity Kidscape. Kidscape helps children in difficult situations and particularly deals with bullying and child sex abuse. I have started a web page to raise money in sponsorship for my run and have posted the link below. I know its a bit cheeky but if anyone could see their way to donating then you would have the pleasure of knowing that I will have to run through the pain barrier to complete the marathon (I have never even got close to this distance before!!).
Hope you can help, here's the link


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Coach Course May 2009

At last what you have all been waiting and asking for!!
Please note no applications will be accepted unless candidates have passed the ABA CRB and first aid certificate (For assistance course) and for full course the candidate MUST be registered this season. Applications will be returned if this is not done.
The forms can be downloaded from the link to the right. 'Western Counties contacts and downloads'

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Southern Counties v Western Counties Schoolboy quarter finals

School Quarter Finals
Southern Counties V Western Counties

Sunday 15th February 2009
SO41 9BX
Weigh - in 10 - 12:00pm boxing at 12:30
If for any reason a boxer needs to withdraw, please make sure you let me know as soon as you know. Thank you. Steve Brooks 01594 841552

Class 1
28-30kg Clifford Lee (Swanley) v No Entry
30-32kg Eli Saunders (Farnham Warriors ) v No Entry
32-34kg Reece Kelly (Faversham) v No Entry
34-36kg Walter Smith (Guildford) v Brun Whitmore (Synwell)
36-38kg Mark Smith (Guildford) v Daniel Keen (King Alfred)
38-40kg Arjan Singh (Brompton) v Aston Grant (Barton Hill)
40-42kg Ben Brown (Guildford) v Tyler Barwood (Paignton)
42-44kg Charlie Steed (Chichester) v Liam Simpson (Portland)
44-46kg Ben Bendall (Working ) v No Entry
46-48kg No Entry
48-50kg No Entry
50-52kg Jack Stringer (Stacey ) v Jake Musgrove (N S C)
52-54kg No Entry v Reece Connor (Gloucester)
54-57kg No Entry
57-60kg Harrison Smith (Waterloville)v John Davis (Gloucester)

Class 2
32-34kg Thomas Kindon (Guildford) v No Entry
34-36kg David Chalk (Guildford ) v Tyrone Tinker Hicks (Sturminster)
36-38kg Nathan Gray (Working) v Romeo Romaeo (Lydney)
38-40kg Connor McKinnon (Working) Walkover
40-42kg Kingsley Stembridge (Sporting Ring) v Nathan Mackin (Apollo)
42-44kg Tom Woledge (St Marys) v Callum O’Connell (Broadplain)
44-46kg Hayden Bullock (Crawley) v No Entry
46-48kg Lewis Murphy (Working ) v Richard High (Salisbury City)
48-50kg Michael Dunphy (Guildford) v Jake Smith (Mycon)
50-52kg No Entry v Thomas McDononagh (Walcot)
52-54kg Tom Matthews (Faversham) v Louis Trinder (Penhill)
54-57kg Mohmmed Khan (Stacey) v Matthew Riddell (Blandford)
57-60kg Gary Baker (Swanley) v Luke Cooney (Dorchester)
60-63kg Alfie Little (St Marys) v Elias Anderson (Dorchester)
63-66kg No Entry v Nathan Halton (Apollo)

Class 3
36-38kg Charlie Budd (Stacey) v Walkover
38-40kg Jack Budge (St Marys) v Greg Cook (Malmesbury)
40-42kg Bernie Saunders (St Marys) Walkover
42-44kg Josh Pritchard (City of Portsmouth) v Arron Henderson (Walcot)
44-46kg Kieran Rodden (Moneyfields)
46-48kg Zax Edwards-Clark (Sittingbourne) v Billy Aldridge (Synwell)
48-50kg Dan Wolege (St Mary’s) v Tyler Davies (N.S.C.)
50-52kg Frank Smith (Hailsham) v Raymond Penfold (Bideford)
52-54kg Frankie Smith (Guildford) v Jake Heal (Synwell)
54-57kg Ryan Fletcher (Ashford) v Connor Wells (Walcot)
57-60kg Joe-Lewis Desantos (Woking)v Cameron Lynch (Blandford)
60-63kg Danny Preece (Guildford ) v Liam Wilkins (Salisbury City)
63-66kg Rhys Murphy (Woking) v Ryan Martin (Walcot)
66-70kg Michael Hughes (King Alfred)
70-75kg Omra Basara (Strood ) v No Entry

Saturday, 17 January 2009

School boy championships Western Counties

The following are the contested weights for Western Counties Championship to be held at Broadplain Britol on Sunday 25th January.
Weigh in 11.00-13.00hrs
Boxing to commence 14.00hrs

Class 1
38-40kg Aston Grant (Barton Hill) v Corey Westbrook (Tiverton)
40-42kg Callum Wells (Walcot) v Tyler Barwood (Paignton)

Class 2
34-36kg Ollie Garland (Broad Plain)v Tyrone Tinkner Hicks (Sturminster)
36-38kg Romeo Romaeo (Lydney) v Jozef Ogijewicz (Barnstaple)
40-42kg Paul Roberts Chard and Illminster v Nathen Mackin Apollo
46-48kg Richard High (Salisbury)v Kyle Gargett (Devonport)
50-52kg Thomas Mcdonagh (Walcot) v Toby Osmond (Weymouth)
57-60kg Mason Shaw (King Alfred) v Luke Cooney (Dorchester)

Class 3
38-40kg Greg Cook (Malmesbury) v Lloyd Barwood (Paignton)
42-44kg Arron Henderson (Walcot) v Shane Hayward (Sturminster)
46-48kg Billy Aldridge (Synwell) v Ross Dann (Mayflower)
48-50kg Tyler Davies (N S C) v Joshua Mason (Bideford)
50-52kg Rahim Nanji (Walcot) v Raymond Penfold (Bideford)
57-60kg Jack Williamson (Malmesbury)v Cameron Lynch (Blandford)
60-63kg Liam Wilkins (Salisbury) v Caleb Johnson (Blandford)
63-66kg Ryan Martin (Walcot) v Benjamin Cunniff (Saints)

If for any reason a boxer needs to withdraw, please make sure you let me know as soon as you know. Thank you. Steve Brooks 01594 841552

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Western Counties Coaching Seminar 11th January 09

Above, Kevin Hickey making presentations on behalf of Western Counties to Kurt Ernest and Alan Brightman.

Thank you to all of you who attened the coaching seminiar today at Bristol. For those of you who couldn't make it below follows a brief outline on what you missed.
The individual attendance was in excess of 80 people and the feedback by telephone has been extremely encouraging and asking “when is the next one?”

Richie Woodall set the scene with a clear and unequivocal outline of the requirements to box successfully at International level, and the changes needed in training for 3x3's, and some good insights into weight managment for boxers.

Mick Gannon provided a real insight into the English system of progression to International representation and showed the link between England and the Western Counties.

This was followed by Kevin Hay who outlined the rapid rise of Western Counties boxing in less than two years; it was quite amazing what Kevin and his team of coaches have achieved in such a short time!

Mathew Williams contribution clarified the changes for the new coach education programme and we have already received positive feedback. At least many of our coaches now understand the new system .

Kevin Hickey, not yet a week in his new post and he found time to visit and present awards on behalf of Western Counties to Kurt Ernest and Alan Brightman two people he knew many years ago, and who have helped shape not just Western Counties but England amateur boxing as well. Thank you Kevin and I’m sure that you will be pleased to reopen some old friendships and make some new ones.

The question and answer time was interesting and informative and good to have information from 'the horses mouths' !!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Female squad

Hi All

There will be a female squad training on Sunday 22nd.February,2009 10am at Broadplain.

All females of all standards are invited to attend the squad.

Boxers not holding a current ME3 will not spar, but can participate in partner work,skills and drills.

They will need to bring boxing kit gloves and mitts, if sparring gumshield and headguard. Also a pack lunch and drinks.

Any questions you can email myself or contact me on 07768538619.